My Weekend Routine: Iron Hand Results

Well, my weekend has come and gone.  I was only able to get 2 games of 40k in, but I feel like I got a good feel for the army.  Saturday didn’t go quite how I had planned.  I wanted to go to Critical Hit Games to play, but they were completely packed due to a magic pre-release.  Two of the other regular players, Shorereaper and Augustus, were busy with non-40k related events.

So I journeyed down to Titan Games.  I’ve got to say, it is nice having a store with such a large gaming space.  They too were packed with card gamers, but there were still half a a dozen tables open for 40k.  I ran into a few wargamer stereotypes that I forgot to write about (Neckbeards and Anti-Deodorant/Soap types).  Luckily, I was saved by two friends and had the chance to play some games.

First game, I played against a chaos marine/daemon list in a Clan Raukaan mission.  The mission required me to table the chaos player, but my troops and dreadnought went into ongoing reserves when they died.  In the end it was a solid victory for chaos.

I learned a lot in that game.  The chapter master and his terminators deepstrike mishapped and died in turn 3.  They need to get back in a transport (probably the land raider).  Sternguard did excellent, so I think I will look at putting them in a drop pod when I free up some points.  The redeemer pattern landraider didn’t fire a gun once in 2 games, it just needs to be to close to be effective.  I may have to go back to the crusader.

The second game I played against an Astra Militarum force!  The opponent had literally just gotten the book and threw a fun list together, so it was by no means a true showcase of that army’s capabilities. We kept it simple and played a round of Big Guns Never Tire.  Despite taking heavy casualties in the first two turns, I was able to turn the tide and score a decisive victory.  Mark down the first win for Clan Sorrgol.

This game I stuck to my plan, rush forward with armor turn one then troops turn two to give the opponent too many targets.  It worked well.  Casualties were heavy the first two turns (all three rhinos, the landraider, the vindicator, and the dread) but the troops managed to keep at it and pull it out.  A timely and safe arrival of the terminators with Master Telavec in the center of the board was the nail in the IG coffin.  Once again, still impressed with the sternguard which accounted with 3 psychers, yarrik, and 2 leman russes and only lost 5 men.

All and all, a good Saturday.  Sunday I had the chance to get a few more games in if I wanted; there was some room at Critical Hit.  I opted to play some netrunner.  It’s a living card game I have gotten into.  Very complex but very fun.  I still have a lot to learn, don’t think I have won a game since I started playing my own decks over the starter decks.

Overall, I am happy with how the Iron Hands are proceeding.  I still have a lot of painting to do.  I have finished the tactical squads, so now it is time to start into some of the fancier parts of the army.  In terms of list tinkering, I want to try a second drop pod to carry the sternguard.  I also think I could use some long range anti-tank.  Right now,  all I have are meltas and multimeltas.  The missile launchers in the tactical squads never account for much.  Maybe switching them up for lascannons?  I would have to proxy it, don’t want to buy a box of devastators without knowing if I really want those lascannons.  The hobby budget is getting tight now that I have taken on a second game (netrunner).

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