Chaos Space Marines: Black Mace, Burning Brand, and You

Hello again friends!  Before starting on my review of the troop choices in the CSM codex I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about some of my favorite units in the previous section, as well as a discussion on the Artifact choices available in the book.

Now as you may have noticed I omitted the artifacts from the previous section, “why?” you may ask.  Well it’s simple really, while these artifact choices ARE available to any standard HQ choice, no one in their right mind would ever take them on anything outside of a Lord or DP.  You just wouldn’t; I don’t care if you want the fluffiest, most narrative forging game in history.  A warpsmith/dark apostle/sorcerer with Black Mace, Burning Brand, etc would just be silly, don’t do it.  Below each artifact i’ll list an example build of Lord’s and DP’s using said artifact, i’m only going to talk in detail about the three that are actually worth considering.  No one cares about the Murder Sword, Dimensional Key, or Magnus Scroll (and shame on you if you do)

Lets take a look….


He paid his 45pts, will you?

Axe of Blind Fury: Models with Daemon/Mark of Khorne only.  A monster power axe that is also a Daemon Weapon, drawback being a slight negative modifier to you WS and BS. Fun Factor: B (Daemon Weapons are always awesome, will let you spill much blood for the blood god).  Competitiveness: B (Solid weapon that is a must have if you’re a Khorne army given the overall weak state of the god currently)

Lord Build-  Khorne Lord on a Juggernaut w/ Axe, Sigil, Melta Bombs, Bolt Pistol, VotLW. Thats 7+D6 Str 6 Ap 2 attacks on the charge O.o even with the drop to WS 5 he’ll average 5 hits.  Not to mention, he has hatred against half the armies in the game.  Stick this mofo in a big squad of Khorn Bikers and dash forward.

DP Build-  Khorn DP w/ Axe, Wings, and Gift of Mutation.  Nothing fancy, just load him up and beat stuff, the WS debuff effects him wayyyy less than it does a Lord so swing away!

The Black Mace: One of the best melee weapons in the game.  An Ap 4 Daemon Weapon with Fleshbane and the Cursed rule.  Cursed forces any model who suffers an unsaved wound to take a toughness check, that removes them from the game if they fail it. You read that right, REMOVES THEM FROM THE GAME. Eternal Warrior?  Doesn’t matter.  Toughness 9? Sorry you rolled a 6.   The only weakness the weapon has is it’s Ap 4…..but oh look a Daemon Prince can take it, oh look a Daemon Prince with Biomancy can take it, oh look that Daemon Prince with Biomancy got Enfeeble.  Pardon me for a second…..



Fun Factor: A (Removing stuff from the game with a cursed mace?  If that’s not cool to you then you shouldn’t be playing Chaos) Competitiveness: A+ (Ok Phil, if i’m going to bash you for your fails I have to applaud your successes, good job Mr. Kelly!  An absolutely outstanding weapon.)

Lord Build-  Nurgle Lord in Terminator Armor w/ Mace, Sigil, Power Axe, Melta Bombs, Blight Grenades, Gift of Mutation.   Meh, not sure how I feel about this build, probably better on a bike lord but most stuff is.  Well I suppose if you stick him in a termie squad with a Land Raider they would hurt whatever they hit.

DP Build- ML 3 Nurgle Prince Prince w/ Mace, Wings, and Gift of Mutation.  Take 2 biomancy and hope for Iron Arm.

Burning Brand of Skalanthrax: “I can be a Helldrake!” shouted Kharn with blissful glee as he lifted the legendary flamer.  Woe to his dismay upon slaying hundreds of the Astra Millitarium’s Tempestus Stormumus Copyrightable Namekus did he discover that it merely made him sort of a Helldrake   Not one to ever be sort of anything he said “EF THAT $H!T!!!” and threw it away.  Now it is available to all you up and coming Chaos characters for a low flat rate!  On a serious note this weapon is really good for pretty cheap, the Helldrake’s existing seems to nullify the point in it somewhat, but who’s going to complain about more Ap3 flamers?  An overall solid weapon, especially great if you plan on fielding CSM as an allied army (gotta squeeze in all the torrent flamers you can!).  Fun Factor: C (You’re like a Helldrake, but less epic and stuff, not trying to talk it down.  A daemon robot dragon is just a smidgen cooler than this IMO.)  Competitiveness:  B (More ignores cover Ap3 goodness for your power armor trolling pleasure!)

Lord Build-  Slaneesh Lord on Steed w/ Brand, Power Fist, Sigil, and Melta Bombs.  The old outflanking lord trick, bring this guy and a biker unit onto your opponents weak side and watch everything burn!

DP Build-  ML3 Tzeentch Prince w/ Brand, Wings, and Gift of Mutation.  Take two rolls on the Tzeentch table to try and get Breath of Chaos (which you will most of the time). Now you can fire two flame templates of destruction each turn, Helldrake who?        


Overall the big three artifacts from the codex share one common them, they are assault oriented.  No matter how you build your character, just remember if you take one of these weapons you will eventually have to get up in your opponents face to make the worth the investment.  We’ll be back next time with a review of the CSM troop choices!

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