My weekend routine: Expectations for my Iron Hands

I, like many of you guys, have a routine when it comes to my gaming weekends.  I live very close to my FLGS, Critical Hit.  My Fiancé is very understanding of my hobby; she even helps a little (has an eldar army and is my editor since my spelling and grammar are horrible).  My routine usually involves going to the store all day Saturday and a shorter visit on Sunday or Monday.  I plan to take advantage of this for as long as I can.  I know it won’t last; my work schedule will change soon and with summer on it’s way, my friends and I will probably start doing a few outdoor activities on the weekend.

This weekend though, it’s my routine as usual.  I plan to get as many games in with my Iron Hands Clan Sorrgol force as possible.  I have had some serious issues with the army on the first two games I played; mainly I just don’t have enough bodies on the table.  I have re-worked this list a bit to add a few more models to it.  I thought it would be interesting if I gave a pre and post weekend gaming report to see how my list does.

I usually spend my week working on lists during dead time at work or home.  Once I get a list tweaked to where I want, it is usually the list I will play all weekend.  Here is this weekend’s list.

Iron Father Telavek – Chapter Master with terminator armor, the gorgon’s chains, and a powerfist, joins the terminators and deep strikes

Venerable Brother Ira – Venerable Dreadnought with a multimelta, heavy flamer, and a drop pod

Sternguard Squad (Still Needs a Name) – 10 sternguard, rides in the land raider

Morlock Terminators – 5 Thunder Hammer Storm Shield terminators

Tactical Squad – 10 man with melta, missile launcher, veteran sergeant with a chainsword, and a rhino

Tactical Squad – 10 man with melta, missile launcher, veteran sergeant with a chainsword, and a rhino

Tactical Squad – 10 man with melta, missile launcher, veteran sergeant with a chainsword, and a rhino

Ferrum Nimbus – Storm Talon with skyhammer missile launcher and assault cannon

Ferrum Rex – Landraider Reedeemer with extra armor and multimelta

Ferrum Vindicae –  Vindicator with siege shield

Total, that is 2000 pts out of the clan raukaan supplement.  I dropped the thunder hammers from the sergeants and I dropped Master Ferrius, the master of the forge.  This freed up enough points for me to throw in the 10 sternguard.  I don’t have another transport (yet) so I didn’t want to put them in a rhino or a drop pod.  So they take the terminators place in the land raider.

I am trying to build this army around a devastating turn 2.  Drop in the dreadnought turn 1 and advance up the field with ALL the armor.  This should hopefully put to many armored threats in my opponents face turn 1 (7 actual threats and a drop pod).  Turn 2 get all the tactical squads and sternguard out of there transports and deepstrike the terminators in a safe position.  Now my opponent should face 45 infantry models on top of whatever armor is left.

This all sounds good in my head, but we will see.  The good part about the Iron Hands is it is a low model count army compared to my orks and tau, so games should go quicker.  I will get in as many as I can.  If you are in the area and want to play a game this weekend, let me know.  You should be able to find me at Critical Hit.  I will try to have a report on this weekends action on Monday.

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