New Imperial Guard Model Review

Well, new imperial guard codex (astra militara) is out and with it a new wave of models.  I do not play guard myself, but I have always like the aesthetics of the army.  Hordes of puny humans and loads of tanks with all kinds of crazy guns.

hydrawyvrenThe new models maintain that asthetic, mostly.  The hydra flakk tank and the wyvren both run off the chimera chasis. They blend in with the army quite nicely.  The hydra is a pretty close copy of the forge world model, which is a good thing.  The wyvren on the other hand does look a bit off to me.  The stubby barrels on the same frame as the hydra just seem out of place.

tauroxThe taurox and taurox prime is an interesting beast.  The first time I saw it, I had the same reaction most ork players did.  It looks like a battlewagon before the orks got their hands on it.  I got to admit, I want to grab one and ork it up to add a third battlewagon to my force.  In terms of the guard, it doesn’t blend with the army as well as the other tanks do.  Time will tell with this one.  I want to see it on the field (as a guard tank) before I give my final ruling.

commisarA new commissar model was put out, in the new odd assembly that is the norm with new plastic singles.  Overall I like this model (like most of the plastic character models that came out recently).  He has a nice haggard face, and a sweet plasma gun.  My only concern is that these models tend to be hard to easily kit bash, so we may be seeing this guy a lot.

ogrynThe new ogryn and Nork Deddog look fine to me, nothing spectacular.  Side note, I haven’t seen their rules yet, but I would love to see them make the table more often.  The bullgryn though, I must have these.  These are beautiful.  I have never had the urge to buy, build, and paint models for an army I don’t play…until now.

bullgrynI love the slab shields.  They actually look dynamic to me.  I can imagine the spikes at the bottom deploying as enemy fire bounces off them.  The grenade arms look scary, which I love.  The gas mask heads look great, especially the bane one.  The tank tread armor looks awesome, although it seems odd that the imperium can’t afford to make these guys a complete set of armor.

The suppression shields and power maul combo looks weird to me.  It could be that I love the slab shields and grenade arms so much.  I wonder how much I would like the suppression shields and mauls if I hadn’t seen the other setup.

Overall, another successful army release by GW.  I am hearing good things about rules for the new guard.  I hope this inspires more players to dust off the guard.  Maybe even get a few into the army.  Variety, it’s the spice of life.

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