Clan Sorrgol: First Action

Figured it was time for an update on how my new Iron Hands force, Clan Sorrgol, is going.  In terms of models acquired, I have completed the list after the flea market a few weeks ago, a recent Forgeworld order, and grabbing a few things from Critical Hit.  Here is how the list stands currently.  For reference I am using the Clan Raukaan supplement rules.


     * Iron Father Telavek – Chapter Master
The Gorgon’s Chain, Terminator Armour, Combi Plasma, Power Fist

    * Master Ferrarius – Master of the Forge
The Ironstone

+ Elites +

    * Venerable Brother Ira – Dreadnought
Multi-Melta, Searchlight, Smoke Launchers, Venerable Dreadnought, Drop Pod, Power Fist with Heavy Flamer

    * Morlock Terminators – Terminator Assault Squad
Terminator Sgt w/ Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield, 4x Terminator w/ Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield

+ Troops +

    * Tactical Squad
* Rhino, 7x Space Marine, Space Marine w/ Meltagun, Space Marine w/ Missile Launcher, Veteran Sergeant , Thunder Hammer

    * Tactical Squad
* Rhino, 7x Space Marine, Space Marine w/ Meltagun, Space Marine w/ Missile Launcher, Veteran Sergeant , Thunder Hammer

    * Tactical Squad
* Rhino, 7x Space Marine, Space Marine w/ Meltagun, Space Marine w/ Missile Launcher, Veteran Sergeant , Thunder Hammer

+ Fast Attack +

    * Ferrum Nimbus – Stormtalon Gunship
Armoured Ceramite, Skyhammer Missile Launcher , Twin-linked Assault Cannon

+ Heavy Support +

    * Ferrum Rex – Land Raider Crusader
Extra Armour (10pts), Frag Assault Launchers, 2x Hurricane Bolter, Multi-melta, Searchlight, Smoke Launchers, Twin-linked Assault Cannon

    * Ferrum Vindiciae – Vindicator
Hull-mounted Demolisher Cannon, Searchlight, Siege Shield, Smoke Launchers, Storm Bolter

Painting wise, I am done with 2 tactical squads and 2 rhinos.  I am about half way done with the third squad.  Slow and steady with this project.  Although, after I finish up this last squad I may do a little ork painting for variety.

Now that I actually have all the models in the army, I could not resist putting them on the table.  There first game was against our lord primarch and his new army, the necrons.  As a side note, it is still weird to see him play with xenos armies after all the loyalist marines he has (ultramarines, blood angels, and space wolves).

I was playing against 10 scarab bases, 20 warriors, 30 immortals, 10 deathmarks with the crazy cryptech with a flamer thingy, a triarch stalker, 2 deathscythe,1 doomscythe, and 2 annihilation barges.  BTW, in case it isn’t evident, I know nothing about the necrons and do not have a codex in front of me.

We rolled up the relic, and off we went.  I will try to keep this brief.  The early game went with my landraider and rhinos rushing up the middle, vindcator around my right flank, and the dread dropped behind enemy lines. (I will spare using all their fluffy names for the sake of easy of reading).  We had the necrons pushed back and pretty well pinned in and I was able to get two tactical squads on the relic and almost got one back into the landraider to run for safety.

Late game, on the other hand, was a different story.   The short version of late game was he won the war of attrition and wore me down.  I had too few bodies and every loss I took really hurt, something I am not used to after playing orks. He on the other hand kept standing back up.  And that damn doomscythe kept killing guys in combat including the relic bearer and immobilizing the dread.  That’s just mean.  Also, twin-linking a target with the walker he had and then getting the death marks to wound on 2’s is what did in the terminators.  Twin-linking and giving the warriors tank hunter with whatever lord he had also put down the landraider.  That walker is a huge problem.

Overall, the army did what I wanted it to do.  I know that it is a very low model count army, and that is its weakness.  I know I can do some trimming and cram in more models.  The thunder hammers on the vet sergeants can probably go, but the models look too good right now.  I am not dumb though, I did magnetize the hammer arms so I can swap them out for chainswords when I become sick of this list losing.

In terms of expansion, I just so happened to have acquired 10 marines in mk 3 armor, 5 of which are the special iron hands set.  I am thinking of running them as sternguard.  The foam I bought for the army also has room for another dread and another land raider, so those could be an option.

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