Kaptain Klaw and his Freebootas

coverI figured it was time to do a formal introduction of my orks, Kaptain Klaw’s Freebootas.  The collection is getting out of hand, vastly out pacing the rate I can paint at.  So, it’s only going to get worse from here.

pantsThe theme behind the army is freebootas, aka ork space pirates.  Who doesn’t love that?  I wanted to do freebootas just so I could have a really varied collection.  It also opened up a few conversion possibilities.  The biggest problem I had was trying to tie the army together while still representing them as pirates.  I came up with the red stripped pants.

eyesOverall the paint scheme is very bright and I like it.  The only complaints I have are the eyes and the number of colors I put into each ork.  I can’t paint eyes well at all.  I can paint lenses, but I can’t paint eyes.  If anyone has a tip on painting eyes that looks good and doesn’t require me to break out a single hair brush, I am all ears.  I also went with a too varied color scheme.  It ends up taking me 20+ colors to finish a single boy.  Which is fine for a space marine army that may have only 30 tactical marines.  But I have over 200 boys…

nobzIn terms of conversions, I did a few simple ones and one or two complex ones.  My nobs were pretty simple, just some head swaps to pirate heads.  The heads are a little small proportionately, but they work otherwise.  As a side note, I am a magnetizing fiend.  All the arms on my nobs are magnetized, so I can switch out weapon options.  I also have some larger guns for them so they can double as flash gitz.

kaptain juniorUp next was the original Kaptain Klaw.  He is a kit bashed mess, but was such a blast.  He is based off a black reach warboss (because what ork collector doesn’t have half a dozen of those).  An arm swap to the nob biker big choppa and a bunch of hacking and chopping until I can throw a killa kan klaw on pretty much finished him out.  After I painted him up, I managed to get my hands on a hawk from the brettonian set, so the Kaptain got his parrot.

kaptain gunThe next conversion was the kaptain with a big freakin gun.  A campaign game put on by one of our own basically called for each army to have a sniper character.  Take another black reach warboss, chop up his gun and add a fusion blaster, a big shoota, and a missile launcher scope, then cover up the mutilated arm with a green stuff bandana.

kaptainThe last conversion I have painted up is the big kaptain klaw in power armor.  I got my hands on a metal ghazzghul.  I prefer metal to finecast.  I repositioned his arm, left off the big metal jaw and tusks.  Then I made a green stuff great coat.  Pretty simple stuff overall, but it works.

I have another battlewagon and dakka jet painted up that aren’t pictured.  My orks are probably my closest army to the mythical 2000 point painted army (a level I can’t seem to break in 40k).  I have close to 8000 points of orks, and their numbers keep growing.  I keep finding deals, or taking some off a friends hands, or finding that model I wanted, etc.

The army will keep growing.  I hear rumors that there will be a new book around June.  I am sure with a new book will come new models, so there I will go, buying more orks.  I still have a few gaps in my collection, mainly storm boys.  And I could always use more trukks.  And maybe some meganobz.  And I really like that forgeworld mega dread.

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