7th or “Revised 6th”

Well, it seems that were are on the eve of a new rulebook and starter set.  Faeit broke with some rumors today that it may not be a true 7th edition but instead a “Revised 6th”.  This would be an incorporation of all the various rules (Big Rule Book, Escalation, Stronghold Assualt).

I am not sure which I would prefer at this point.  In terms of a true 7th edition, I honestly feel like it is kind of soon.  I personally would like every codex to be update in each edition.  I know that isn’t going to happen, but at least if they were trying it may level out the power curve a little.  That being said, if they did roll out a true 7th ed, we could see some big shifts in what is considered a strong codex.  Case in point blood angels from 5th edition to 6th.

A revised 6th edition is something that sits better with me.  I honestly feel like I haven’t gotten my mileage out of 6th edition yet.  A revised 6th that includes FAQ’s, Erratas, and a compilation of the various rule sets would be nice.  It is definitely a book I would consider picking up, even if my current 6th ed rule book was still viable.

Now, in terms of starter kits, there are two different rumors swirling around.  The first is a mini starter set featuring orks and blood angels.  The second is a kit eldar and astra militarum.  Now, as an ork player I want it to be the first.  Honestly though, I have trouble believing that GW would pull space marines out of there starter set.  So, I have trouble with the eldar/astra militarum rumors.

The rumored date is the 24th.  It’s going to be a long month with the rumor mills churning at full speed. I am sure we will see plenty of rumors coming.  Honestly in terms of content of the book, I probably won’t take anything seriously until about a week pre-release.  In the mean time though, I will enjoy the ride.

Hobby Update: Clan Sorrgol

Well, after a weekend of gaming with the new army and writing a few articles on how they play, I guess it’s about time to show you how the painting is coming.DSCN7781

I have finished painting three tactical squads and there three rhinos.  I have worked on the basing, adding some crushed walnut shell for a rubble like effect.  I am really happy with how these guys turned out.

DSCN7780 DSCN7784 DSCN7783 DSCN7782The only thing I am not happy with is the decals.  I have never used them before.  Sometimes I get a wrinkle that I can’t get out.  Other times the layer of matte varnish doesn’t seem to dry right and I can see a boarder around the decal.  Sometimes everything works fine.  I think it is just going to take more practice

After finishing the tactical squads were done, I stared in on the dreadnought.  I have a magnetized iron hands contemptor that was begging me to paint it.  I already had him assembled and primed.  I managed to finish this guy in a single day.  Once again, I am happy with the results.  I even managed to hack up a decal so I could put his name on him “Ira”.

DSCN7775 DSCN7776 DSCN7774 DSCN7778 DSCN7777I really love this model.  It is super easy to pose this guy anyway you want.  I went with him walking over a wrecked ork vehicle.  I tried to weather him.  Generally I want my army to feel a little grimy and dust coated.

That’s all I have finished so far. I will probably do the dreadnoughts drop pod next.  I am running the dread as a venerable dread since I don’t have a lucious pattern drop pod.  Hence I can’t run him as a contemptor.

Let me know what you guys think.  I am having a good time chugging through these marines and I always love feedback.

My Weekend Routine: Iron Hand Results

Well, my weekend has come and gone.  I was only able to get 2 games of 40k in, but I feel like I got a good feel for the army.  Saturday didn’t go quite how I had planned.  I wanted to go to Critical Hit Games to play, but they were completely packed due to a magic pre-release.  Two of the other regular players, Shorereaper and Augustus, were busy with non-40k related events.

So I journeyed down to Titan Games.  I’ve got to say, it is nice having a store with such a large gaming space.  They too were packed with card gamers, but there were still half a a dozen tables open for 40k.  I ran into a few wargamer stereotypes that I forgot to write about (Neckbeards and Anti-Deodorant/Soap types).  Luckily, I was saved by two friends and had the chance to play some games.

First game, I played against a chaos marine/daemon list in a Clan Raukaan mission.  The mission required me to table the chaos player, but my troops and dreadnought went into ongoing reserves when they died.  In the end it was a solid victory for chaos.

I learned a lot in that game.  The chapter master and his terminators deepstrike mishapped and died in turn 3.  They need to get back in a transport (probably the land raider).  Sternguard did excellent, so I think I will look at putting them in a drop pod when I free up some points.  The redeemer pattern landraider didn’t fire a gun once in 2 games, it just needs to be to close to be effective.  I may have to go back to the crusader.

The second game I played against an Astra Militarum force!  The opponent had literally just gotten the book and threw a fun list together, so it was by no means a true showcase of that army’s capabilities. We kept it simple and played a round of Big Guns Never Tire.  Despite taking heavy casualties in the first two turns, I was able to turn the tide and score a decisive victory.  Mark down the first win for Clan Sorrgol.

This game I stuck to my plan, rush forward with armor turn one then troops turn two to give the opponent too many targets.  It worked well.  Casualties were heavy the first two turns (all three rhinos, the landraider, the vindicator, and the dread) but the troops managed to keep at it and pull it out.  A timely and safe arrival of the terminators with Master Telavec in the center of the board was the nail in the IG coffin.  Once again, still impressed with the sternguard which accounted with 3 psychers, yarrik, and 2 leman russes and only lost 5 men.

All and all, a good Saturday.  Sunday I had the chance to get a few more games in if I wanted; there was some room at Critical Hit.  I opted to play some netrunner.  It’s a living card game I have gotten into.  Very complex but very fun.  I still have a lot to learn, don’t think I have won a game since I started playing my own decks over the starter decks.

Overall, I am happy with how the Iron Hands are proceeding.  I still have a lot of painting to do.  I have finished the tactical squads, so now it is time to start into some of the fancier parts of the army.  In terms of list tinkering, I want to try a second drop pod to carry the sternguard.  I also think I could use some long range anti-tank.  Right now,  all I have are meltas and multimeltas.  The missile launchers in the tactical squads never account for much.  Maybe switching them up for lascannons?  I would have to proxy it, don’t want to buy a box of devastators without knowing if I really want those lascannons.  The hobby budget is getting tight now that I have taken on a second game (netrunner).

7th Edition Cometh?


“And now, the end is here And so I face the final curtain…..”

According to rumors from sources at Faiet 212 and Bell of Lost Souls, GW is slowly pulling a large amount of their stock off of store shelves.  Reportedly this includes;

-Dark Vengeance Starter Set

-Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook

-Warhammer 40,000 Psychic Cards.

-Several finecast kits for all of their game systems.


As of now these are only rumors, but it would appear something big is on the horizon for GW.  What do you guys think?


Faiet Article: http://natfka.blogspot.com/2014/04/clearing-retail-space-for-7th-edition.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Faeit212+%28Faeit+212%29

BoLS Article:  http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2014/04/40k-6th-edition-is-being-pulled.html

Chaos Space Marines: Black Mace, Burning Brand, and You

Hello again friends!  Before starting on my review of the troop choices in the CSM codex I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about some of my favorite units in the previous section, as well as a discussion on the Artifact choices available in the book.

Now as you may have noticed I omitted the artifacts from the previous section, “why?” you may ask.  Well it’s simple really, while these artifact choices ARE available to any standard HQ choice, no one in their right mind would ever take them on anything outside of a Lord or DP.  You just wouldn’t; I don’t care if you want the fluffiest, most narrative forging game in history.  A warpsmith/dark apostle/sorcerer with Black Mace, Burning Brand, etc would just be silly, don’t do it.  Below each artifact i’ll list an example build of Lord’s and DP’s using said artifact, i’m only going to talk in detail about the three that are actually worth considering.  No one cares about the Murder Sword, Dimensional Key, or Magnus Scroll (and shame on you if you do)

Lets take a look….


He paid his 45pts, will you?

Axe of Blind Fury: Models with Daemon/Mark of Khorne only.  A monster power axe that is also a Daemon Weapon, drawback being a slight negative modifier to you WS and BS. Fun Factor: B (Daemon Weapons are always awesome, will let you spill much blood for the blood god).  Competitiveness: B (Solid weapon that is a must have if you’re a Khorne army given the overall weak state of the god currently)

Lord Build-  Khorne Lord on a Juggernaut w/ Axe, Sigil, Melta Bombs, Bolt Pistol, VotLW. Thats 7+D6 Str 6 Ap 2 attacks on the charge O.o even with the drop to WS 5 he’ll average 5 hits.  Not to mention, he has hatred against half the armies in the game.  Stick this mofo in a big squad of Khorn Bikers and dash forward.

DP Build-  Khorn DP w/ Axe, Wings, and Gift of Mutation.  Nothing fancy, just load him up and beat stuff, the WS debuff effects him wayyyy less than it does a Lord so swing away!

The Black Mace: One of the best melee weapons in the game.  An Ap 4 Daemon Weapon with Fleshbane and the Cursed rule.  Cursed forces any model who suffers an unsaved wound to take a toughness check, that removes them from the game if they fail it. You read that right, REMOVES THEM FROM THE GAME. Eternal Warrior?  Doesn’t matter.  Toughness 9? Sorry you rolled a 6.   The only weakness the weapon has is it’s Ap 4…..but oh look a Daemon Prince can take it, oh look a Daemon Prince with Biomancy can take it, oh look that Daemon Prince with Biomancy got Enfeeble.  Pardon me for a second…..



Fun Factor: A (Removing stuff from the game with a cursed mace?  If that’s not cool to you then you shouldn’t be playing Chaos) Competitiveness: A+ (Ok Phil, if i’m going to bash you for your fails I have to applaud your successes, good job Mr. Kelly!  An absolutely outstanding weapon.)

Lord Build-  Nurgle Lord in Terminator Armor w/ Mace, Sigil, Power Axe, Melta Bombs, Blight Grenades, Gift of Mutation.   Meh, not sure how I feel about this build, probably better on a bike lord but most stuff is.  Well I suppose if you stick him in a termie squad with a Land Raider they would hurt whatever they hit.

DP Build- ML 3 Nurgle Prince Prince w/ Mace, Wings, and Gift of Mutation.  Take 2 biomancy and hope for Iron Arm.

Burning Brand of Skalanthrax: “I can be a Helldrake!” shouted Kharn with blissful glee as he lifted the legendary flamer.  Woe to his dismay upon slaying hundreds of the Astra Millitarium’s Tempestus Stormumus Copyrightable Namekus did he discover that it merely made him sort of a Helldrake   Not one to ever be sort of anything he said “EF THAT $H!T!!!” and threw it away.  Now it is available to all you up and coming Chaos characters for a low flat rate!  On a serious note this weapon is really good for pretty cheap, the Helldrake’s existing seems to nullify the point in it somewhat, but who’s going to complain about more Ap3 flamers?  An overall solid weapon, especially great if you plan on fielding CSM as an allied army (gotta squeeze in all the torrent flamers you can!).  Fun Factor: C (You’re like a Helldrake, but less epic and stuff, not trying to talk it down.  A daemon robot dragon is just a smidgen cooler than this IMO.)  Competitiveness:  B (More ignores cover Ap3 goodness for your power armor trolling pleasure!)

Lord Build-  Slaneesh Lord on Steed w/ Brand, Power Fist, Sigil, and Melta Bombs.  The old outflanking lord trick, bring this guy and a biker unit onto your opponents weak side and watch everything burn!

DP Build-  ML3 Tzeentch Prince w/ Brand, Wings, and Gift of Mutation.  Take two rolls on the Tzeentch table to try and get Breath of Chaos (which you will most of the time). Now you can fire two flame templates of destruction each turn, Helldrake who?        


Overall the big three artifacts from the codex share one common them, they are assault oriented.  No matter how you build your character, just remember if you take one of these weapons you will eventually have to get up in your opponents face to make the worth the investment.  We’ll be back next time with a review of the CSM troop choices!

Chaos Space Marines: HQ’s

Apologies for putting these articles out at the pace of a disabled snail, I am hoping to be more prompt in the future as I finally have more time to write.  Anyways, finally we continue our look into the CSM codex, here we take a look at the non-special character HQ choices as well as the powers and abilities they may choose from.  For those of you who haven’t read the first part, you can find it here http://twentyfirstlegion.com/2014/03/13/chaos-space-marine-review-characters .  This time around we’re going to take a look at the non-special character HQ choices and some of the options available to them.


Chaos Lord:  The book’s flagship HQ choice is a great deal for an insanely customizable character, in true Space Marine fashion, they can be built to take on pretty much any job you assign them.  Want them in the backfield to reinforce a scoring unit?  No problem.  Need them to break the enemy line and absorb fire for the rest of your army?  Sure thing!   Seriously, I could sit here and go on for days about various ways to build a CSM Lord.  A topic I will discuss in a follow up article sometime.   For now as far as this review goes, they find themselves toward the top of the heap in the HQ section IMO.  Fun Factor: C (Unlocks any cult troop you wish outside of Thousand Sons)  Competitiveness: A (Cheap, versatile, customizable, everything a good HQ should be)


Sorcerer:   MAGIC!  As with the Lord, these guys are super customizable, having one less wound however makes them a little bit more fragile than their less magical comrade.  Having access to the BRB powers (the exceptions being Divination and Telekinesis) more than makes up for it however.  The one issue I have with them doesn’t lie with the unit so much as it does the overall bleh powers that are available in the god specific disciplines… Fun Factor: B (Magic and Thousand Sons)  Competitiveness: B (Versatile HQ who can potentially make several units in your army better).


Tzeentch: Primaris: Tzeentch’s Firestorm (A 24″, AP – blast that can be anywhere from Str 2 to Str 7 and causes extra hits when you kill models with it) Bleh.  Boon of Mutation (Hits a character, most likely the caster,  with a Str 4 AP- hit then grants them a roll on the boon table if they survive) Eww.  Doombolt (A Str 8 Ap 1 24″ beam that makes explosions go an extra D6) More Bleh.  Breath of Chaos (An Ap 2 flame template that wounds/glances a vehicle on a 4+) Not bad, but shouldn’t cost two warp charges.  Fun Factor: D (Spend a warp charge to punch yourself in the face for being Chaos, cause Phil Kelly hates you) Competitiveness: E (Soooo give Tzeentch the worst psychic powers in the entire game?  The only usable one is crippled by having to pay 2 warp charges to use it, what an awful awful power set)  

Nurgle: Primaris: Nurgle’s Rot (A 6″ nova spell that causes D6+1 Ap 5 poison 4+ hits) Too short of range to ever really be useful.  Weapon Virus (A 24″ Malediction that causes all ranged weapons in an enemy unit to have the Gets Hot rule) Now this spell can be pretty handy, I don’t ever see it worth taking over Biomancy but it’s very much usable. Gift of Contagion (A 48″ range Malediction that gives an enemy either; -1 Atk/Shrouded, -1 Str/Unit cannot Run, and -1 Str/-1 Tgh)  Ok this is pretty good, again nothing on Biomancy, but pretty good considering it’s MASSIVE range.  Plague Wind (A 12″ Ap 2 Poisoned 4+ Large Blast) Crappy Range makes it not as good as it could be, if they had made it 24″ we’d be cooking with gas.  Fun Factor: B (All the powers are pretty fun mechanically).  Competitiveness: B (Easily the best power set of the three, while nothing stands out as incredible almost everything is usable, primaris power being the only exception IMO.)

Slaneesh: Primaris:  Sensory Overload (A 24″ range, 4 shot, ap4 whitchfire that causes Blind, Concussive, and Pinning).  Has potential but not enough shots to be a threat.  Hysterical Frenzy (A 12″ range blessing that gives a friendly unit either; +1 initiative, +1 Str, or +1 Atk).  Not a bad power but why only 12″ range?  Another almost good power. Symphony of Pain (A 24″ range malediction that subtracts 1 from the WS and BS of an enemy unit.  It also gives sonic weapons fired at that unit a +1 Str bonus).  Again with the crappy range, so Nurgle can have a 48″ range malediction but the power that buffs guys with 48″ range weapons can only have 24″?  Ecstatic Seizures AKA the imperial’s reaction when they read this suckfest of a power set (A 24″ range witchfire that makes all models in a unit take a single Ap – hit at their own Str.  Oh for 2 warp charges)  I guess Phil wasn’t happy with simply making the psychic powers terrible, it’s important we get you to use up all those pesky warp charges you may win with!  Please don’t ever let Kelly touch Chaos again GW, keep him as far away from the design team as possible.  Fun Factor: D (The crazy mechanics are just annoying when you realize how ineffective they are).  Competitiveness: D (Don’t even think about it, the only thing making these powers even remotely appealing is they have the Tzeentch powers to compare themselves too)  


Daemon Prince: Won’t go into too much detail on this fella as I am planning an article solely on DP’s in the future (CSM and Daemon variety).  Versatile though not necessarily the cheapest things on the rack, in fact, they can get down right expensive with certain load outs.  Setting these bad boys up right can be the difference between a flagship unit and a 360 pt sink.  Fun Factor: A (These guys look cool and can do a lot of different things).  Competitiveness: B (While they have some minor durability issues when compare to other MC’s.  They do more than enough to hold their weight and to justify having one.) 

Warpsmith:  An odd HQ choice who was intended to represent a chaotic version of the Techmarine.  His Shatter Defenses rule allows you to make the cover save of any one piece of terrain in an opponents deployment zone one worse. Sounds great, but the kick in the balls is this cannot be done to a fortification.  Once again, it seems like Phil almost wrote something nice then went “Ohhh crap, I almost gave Chaos something good!  Silly me!”  After which he folds the good idea up and throws it in the draft bin for the Eldar codex…..sorry i’m ranting.  Fun Factor: D (It’s an evil Techmarine…..who is not as good as a regular Techmarine)  Competitiveness: C (Well he’s useful in a Land Raider list I suppose, by why would you use the HQ slot on him?)


“I’ll get you Spiderman!!!”

Dark Apostles:  Now i’m just getting angry, an ENTIRE character whose gimmick is based around the boon table.  Now I’ve stated before on here i’m not as big a hater of the boon table as many others.  That being said, I have to sit here and wonder did he ACTUALLY think this codex would survive the edition based on just that table?!?  It seems like much in the book is built around you getting to roll on the table, did he really understand how rarely that was going to actually happen when he was writing this?  Combat is dead this edition unless you use Flying Monstrous Creatures or a Deathstar, did he honestly believe “Marine Charachters winning challenges and becoming awesome!”  was a formula for long term viability?  I’m ranting again, sorry.  Fun Factor: D (You’re a crappier, spikier Chaplain….AND YOUZ GETZ DA BOON TABLE!!!!!!!!!!! ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!)  Competitiveness: D (If anyone has ever even bothered to field one i’d like to meet them) 


The closest he’ll ever get to combat.

That’s all for today folks!  I’ll be back in a few days to cover the Troops section and do a little more Phil Kelly bashing!  Have a good day reader peoples!


My weekend routine: Expectations for my Iron Hands

I, like many of you guys, have a routine when it comes to my gaming weekends.  I live very close to my FLGS, Critical Hit.  My Fiancé is very understanding of my hobby; she even helps a little (has an eldar army and is my editor since my spelling and grammar are horrible).  My routine usually involves going to the store all day Saturday and a shorter visit on Sunday or Monday.  I plan to take advantage of this for as long as I can.  I know it won’t last; my work schedule will change soon and with summer on it’s way, my friends and I will probably start doing a few outdoor activities on the weekend.

This weekend though, it’s my routine as usual.  I plan to get as many games in with my Iron Hands Clan Sorrgol force as possible.  I have had some serious issues with the army on the first two games I played; mainly I just don’t have enough bodies on the table.  I have re-worked this list a bit to add a few more models to it.  I thought it would be interesting if I gave a pre and post weekend gaming report to see how my list does.

I usually spend my week working on lists during dead time at work or home.  Once I get a list tweaked to where I want, it is usually the list I will play all weekend.  Here is this weekend’s list.

Iron Father Telavek – Chapter Master with terminator armor, the gorgon’s chains, and a powerfist, joins the terminators and deep strikes

Venerable Brother Ira – Venerable Dreadnought with a multimelta, heavy flamer, and a drop pod

Sternguard Squad (Still Needs a Name) – 10 sternguard, rides in the land raider

Morlock Terminators – 5 Thunder Hammer Storm Shield terminators

Tactical Squad – 10 man with melta, missile launcher, veteran sergeant with a chainsword, and a rhino

Tactical Squad – 10 man with melta, missile launcher, veteran sergeant with a chainsword, and a rhino

Tactical Squad – 10 man with melta, missile launcher, veteran sergeant with a chainsword, and a rhino

Ferrum Nimbus – Storm Talon with skyhammer missile launcher and assault cannon

Ferrum Rex – Landraider Reedeemer with extra armor and multimelta

Ferrum Vindicae –  Vindicator with siege shield

Total, that is 2000 pts out of the clan raukaan supplement.  I dropped the thunder hammers from the sergeants and I dropped Master Ferrius, the master of the forge.  This freed up enough points for me to throw in the 10 sternguard.  I don’t have another transport (yet) so I didn’t want to put them in a rhino or a drop pod.  So they take the terminators place in the land raider.

I am trying to build this army around a devastating turn 2.  Drop in the dreadnought turn 1 and advance up the field with ALL the armor.  This should hopefully put to many armored threats in my opponents face turn 1 (7 actual threats and a drop pod).  Turn 2 get all the tactical squads and sternguard out of there transports and deepstrike the terminators in a safe position.  Now my opponent should face 45 infantry models on top of whatever armor is left.

This all sounds good in my head, but we will see.  The good part about the Iron Hands is it is a low model count army compared to my orks and tau, so games should go quicker.  I will get in as many as I can.  If you are in the area and want to play a game this weekend, let me know.  You should be able to find me at Critical Hit.  I will try to have a report on this weekends action on Monday.

War Gamer Stereotypes

I thought it would be entertaining today to try to define a few of the gaming stereotypes and poke fun at ourselves for a bit.  Ultimately one of the great things that define our hobby is the social interaction that is required to play a game.  It’s not something that you can do entirely at home behind a computer.  Actual games often require planning and several hours of prolonged contact with the outside world.  As the primarch would say, we are the nerd elite.  Through these social interactions, we tend to come across some stereotypes.

WARNING: The following is for comedic purposes only.  Do not take what I say personally.  I am sure I could fit into several of these stereotypes myself.  Just try to have fun guys.

The Old Veteran:  These guys have been in the hobby forever.  You can tell by there references to things like rogue trader, 3rd edition, or “I remember when that army first came out.”  These gamers are often prone to “Previous Edition Syndrome”, a condition defined by the constant phrase “My mistake, that’s a rule from 4th ed”.  In their defense, they have had to re learn the rule set 5 or 6 times.  Often times they have models older than their opponent’s actual age.  These old models can be picked out by there classic Vitruvian Man stance.

441px-Da_Vinci_Vitruve_Luc_ViatourThe Young Kid: Let’s face it, most of us started out like this.  Their armies are often very small, since this game can be expensive.  Models are poorly painted, often with craft store paint.  Getting a ride to the game store from Mom, most of these guys are trapped in a there for many hours.  Hovering over a game becomes a past time, often while asking a million questions to the players.  In more extreme cases, these gamers begin to loose all focus on a single army and acquire small collections of 2-3 armies.  None of these are big enough for a legal game.

The Hip Gamer:  He used to play 40k, you know, before it was broken.  Now he plays some game you never heard of.  He dabbles in Warmachine and Infinity, but they are losing their appeal as they become more and more popular.  If he does play 40k, he will often pull out an obscure army that you never see hit the table.  Sisters of Battle, no he will not call them Adepta Sororitas.

The Professional Painter:  This guy’s “table top quality” makes your models look like you painted them drunk.  His play style can range from competitive to fluff.  Regardless of wins or losses, he will always field a fully painted army ten times better than a single model in yours.  You almost feel guilty killing his models.  Fielding an unpainted model makes his skin crawl.  Side note: don’t touch his models, some of these guys can be very protective of their babies.  Or spill a coke on them.

The Converter:  A close cousin to the painter, these gamers must convert every model in their army.  No two models look the same.  Building something straight out of the box physically hurts these guys.  They can do things with green stuff you didn’t know was possible (Is that a tiny name patch on each of your guardsmen’s uniforms?  Looks like I just killed “Trooper Franklin Octavio III”).  In extreme cases, you may often have to ask him what each model in his army is again since they look nothing like the models that actually have rules.

The Afraid to Lose Guy:  Lets face it, we all lose games.  Seriously, don’t tell me you haven’t lost since 6th ed dropped, it makes me want to punch you.  This guy is so afraid to let a lose sneak on to his record, he often fails to finish a game that he may lose.  His phone will ring, he steps out, then there is a sudden reason he needs to leave before the game ends.  Really, your lawn is on fire?  I thought you lived in an apartment?  Regardless, he will always say lets call it a draw as he quickly packs up his models.  On the other hand if the game is a landslide, he always wants to play it out.  You know, to see if he can table you.

The Ork Player:  As you may know by now, I am an ork player.  Our type is usually characterized by a complete lack of caring over model safety and winning.  All ork players want to do is actually be an ork.  Run forward and smash things.  Models are often tossed casually into a dead pile or bucket.  If one breaks, don’t worry, we have 300 more at least.  A completely painted ork army is like finding a unicorn.  Also, waaghs are usually screamed at the top of our lungs, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Unprepared Guy:  You can pretty much count on this guy to bring most of the models he needs to play, and that’s about it.  Don’t be offended if he needs to borrow dice, templates, rulers, codex, ect.  A few proxies will always be in his list, since he almost always left something at home.  Why are there coke bottles all over your table? Oh, you forgot your drop pods.

The Non-Gaming Gamer:  These are the guys that always have an army, cool model, ect, but it’s never with them.  It’s in the closet at home.  This can range from a small force of Imperial Fists to a whole Regiment of Astra Militarum.  Despite multiple attempts to get these guys to play, they always forget to bring their army.  Interestingly enough, they are always willing to sit around and comment on your game.  They just don’t ever play one of there own.

I think that about does it for today.  Hope you had a good laugh.

The Swarmlord

Since the release of the new Tyranid codex, I have heard and read complaints about how the Swarmlord is one of the worst models in the codex: What he does is not worth the points you have to pay; He only has a 3-up armour save, and a 4-up invulnerable save that only works in close combat. Well, having played quite a few games with my Tyranids, and usually fielding a Swarmlord, I can honestly say that all of that is rubbish. I admit, he is not the greatest model in the game, and for some reason I cannot seem to beat Moloc in close combat, but in the friendly games that I have played, the Swarmlord has held his own.

When I run the Swarmlord, I usually field him with a full Tyrant Guard Brood. This adds 150 points to his 285 points, making the unit cost 415 points. I don’t add anything to the guard because the guard are already T6 S5 with a 3-up save. The tyrant guard brood comes equipped with rending claws. Since they automatically pass lookout sir rolls, this adds 6 wounds to the Swarmlord, greatly helping his ability to make it into combat.

The Swarmlord, being a level 3 psyker, has a decent shot at getting Catalyst. Catalyst, if it goes off, gives the Swarmlord and his guards, and one other friendly unit within 12 inches, feel no pain. Feel no pain on a T6 model is a beast. And I have seen many feel no pain rolls made between the Swarmlord and units I have faced who had it. If you give the Swarmlord dominion, his synapse range goes up to 24 inches, covering most of the board. And if the Swarmlord gets Warp Blast, he has a great shooting attack.

The Swarmlord also can give his unit, or a friendly unit within 18 inches, Furious Charge, Monster Hunter, or Preferred Enemy. When I play him, I almost always give him and his guard preferred enemy. Getting to re-roll those ones while in close combat has come in very handy.

On top of all of that, 5 attacks, WS 9, 5 wounds and an Initiative of 6, he is usually going to wreck anything in close combat.

I admit, there are things I do not like about the Swarmlord as a unit. I wish he had the OPTION of adding one to reserve rolls, not that you had to add 1. I also wish that he couldn’t be instantly killed and that he had fleet.

So, while he may not be the best unit to bring into a tournament, one should not say that the Swarmlord is a bad character. He has won me a few games, and he has absorbed a lot of firepower.

Except from Asterion Moloc. Damn that Moloc.

Fantasy vs 40k: My thoughts

Originally, I was a 40k only player.  Like many of us, as time went I started to develop an interest in the square bases.  I started a vampire counts army last year.  I slowly built it up to 2000 points, painting as I went.  I started to become a regular part of my gaming rotation, 40k on Saturdays and fantasy on Sundays.

In early January though, I started to get tired of it.  I had suffered some major loses during a tournament which caused me to sit down and critically think about the list I had with the available models I could field.  Basically, if I wanted to play more competitively, I would pretty much have to shelve about half of my currently painted models.  That wasn’t something I was willing to do, so I shelved the whole army instead.

Now, don’t take that the wrong way, I usually don’t win my games.  I never really keep a record, but it definitely feels like I lose more than I win.  There was a difference between 40k and fantasy though for me.  If I made a mistake or had some really crappy dice in fantasy, I often felt like I was completely out of the game.  No chance to claw my way back.  In 40k, I don’t get that feeling.

Thus bringing us to the point I want to make.  To me, fantasy is a more strategic game than 40k.  I can understand the strategies, and to some extent, try to use them.  40k on the other hand feels like a story to me.  I can get into the characters and the armies being played.  Maybe that is because I know more of the fluff for 40k than fantasy.  So, in the end, I can enjoy a loss in 40k more than I can in fantasy.

That’s the point of this all to me.  Have fun and relax.  Yes, I care about winning.  Yes, I get upset when I lose.  With 40k though, I can still enjoy the cool moments narrative.  I feel like there is a chance to claw my way back into the game.  So ultimately, I get more enjoyment out of a game of 40k than I do fantasy.

It’s not fantasy’s fault.  Its more likely my lack of experiences with the game and the fluff that makes it less enjoyable to me.  Maybe one day I will pull my vampire counts out of the closet.  But not right now.  I got to figure out what I am doing wrong with these Iron Hands.