From The Depths Of Forgeworld

As I am sure many of you know, Forgeworld Open Day is currently in progress.  Images having been flooding the net of all the new cool stuff and all the works in progress models.  Horus Heresy 3 is being sold in limited quantities.  Generally speaking, it is a great time of year to be a fan of forgeworld/40k.

Now, any of you can hope around the net to some of the big sites like faiet or bell of lost souls and check out there coverage.  I have dug a little deeper and saw a few things I would like to show you.

First up, the long awaited rules for Imperial Fists, Raven Guard, Iron Warriors, and Alpha Legion.  The can be found here.  These were posted by a gentleman who has a copy of HH3 that he picked up there.  I guess a grain of salt should be taken with this since it isn’t a photo, but it sounds legit to me.

alpha legionSome alpha legion goodness.  Nothing new or exciting in terms of models, but it is neat to see alpha legion army for once.

blood angelsIf my eyes don’t deceive me, I believe that is a pre-heresy blood angels army.

gorgongorgon 2For the iron hands enthusiast among us (mainly myself), terminators!  Makes me a little sad that I just finished building some thunderhammer storm shield guys for my clan.  Ultimately I know they would do this to me (they being forgeworld).  Guess these boys will be going on my someday list.

lancerUp next is a close combat variant of the new GW knight kit, the Lancer.  Rules can be found around the interwebs.  Overall, I like him a lot.

mechanicum troopsmechanicumFor the gear heads among us, more mechanicum stuff.  Looks like some cool troops and maybe a knight/dreadknight variant.  Word is HH3 is packed full of mechanicum goodies.

minotaursminotaurs 2These are here more to taunt our chief librarian.  Limited edition minotaurs devastator sergeant.  His rules were released in imperial armor 12.  Guess the librarian will have to cruise ebay or hope to get lucky at our next flea market adventure.

salamanderA salamanders character.  Lots of salamander upgrade bits photos are now floating around the web.  Forgeworld also just put out the pyroclasts.  I think we are going to start seeing a big push on salamanders by forgeworld soon.

tyranidsLast but not least, a very interesting work in progress model for the nids.  It looks awesome so far, but perhaps more interesting is that it comes with a name.  I can’t seem to find any printed rules for a Dimachaeron.  Stands to reason we are going to get some experimental rules or another imperial armor.  Can anyone else find rules for him/her/it.

That’s enough for today. I got iron hands to work on.

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