Review of 6th Edition…So Far: Part 4

Part 4 of my review of 6th edition, you can catch the previous part here.


Now in a change of pace, GW put out to army codex supplements in the form of the Iyanden for eldar and The Farsight Enclave for tau.  Iyanden did not make to big of a splash other than allowing wraithguard and wraithblades as troops.  The Farsight Enclave on the other hand made some waves.  Crisis suits as troops opened up mobile scoring units for tau.  And 7 unique characters that could be taken as farsights bodyguard (including a riptide) changed the farsight bomb a bit.  Plus codex supplements can ally with their parent codex as battle brothers, so in theory you can take 4 riptides and 4 wraithknights in a single list.  We did have one player bring out 4 riptides in our group, and it looked great.  But the army tends to lack scoring units.

farsight enclave

Overall, I really enjoyed the fluff on the farsight enclave (when the actual book dropped several months later).  It present a completely different view point in terms of the tau empire and farsight’s split than had ever been previously seen.  Plus it explained why farsight kept getting new tau technology after he left the empire.  The rules seem like a minor tweak, but it made for an interesting army.

The farsight enclave book brought with it a new death star, a modified version of the farsight bomb.  Taking a character riptide (a new bodyguard for farsight) from the enclave with farsight and allying in a buff commander and another riptide, it is possible to combine all into a single unit that features twin linked, ignores cover, monster hunter or tank hunter, and the ability for the two riptides to target different units.  A very strong unit shooting wise, and mobile to boot.  Can’t take much of a punch in close combat.  Once again, I have not had a chance to see this combination in our local group.


The summer also gave us the release of apocalypse.  A revision of the rules to bring them in line with 6th edition.  I had the chance to play several games of this, and I can say it is enjoyable.  It suffers from the same thing apocalypse always dose, that is the time it takes to play such large games.  There are some pretty strong combos possible with the formations presented, but in the end everything is pretty strong in apocalypse, so it balances out.   Honestly, I would like to play this a little more, but the time, space, and organization requirements make it hard to pull off.

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