Review of 6th Edition…So Far: Part 3

Part Three of my review of 6th edition.  You can check out part 2 here.

tau codexAfter daemons came the Tau.  My beloved army (and the only army I still own from my 3rd edition days) finally see’s and update from its 4th ed book.  A new model range including plastic pathfinders, sweet looking broadsides, new HQ models, and the ever amazing riptide.  I went a little off the reservation and literally bought it all.  Except the flyer.  Not because of rules, I just didn’t like the model.  Playing with this army really emphasized synergy between units.  And it could get really ridiculous.  I often killed entire units on overwatch.  Since then people have learned how to tackle a tau fire base.  It is still very strong, but not impossible to take down.

This army spawned another deathstar, the farsight bomb.  It required farsight, a buff commander, and a unit of 7 bodyguard crisis suits.  The buff commander gave the unit twin linked and ignores cover, as well as could try to soak up wounds with his T5 and 2+ armor save.  Farsight unlocked the 7 man bodyguard and allowed the whole unit to deepstrike without scattering.  Then you arm the 7 crisis suits with your choice of weaponry, most people went with missile pods and plasma rifles.  You can throw in some target lock on a few so the unit can split fire.  This deathstar did have its flaws; it was stuck in reserve so some poor rolling could see you waiting on nearly 1000 points of your army to show up.  It’s also not that tough, the buff commander is the only thing with a 2+ save, there are no rerolls (yet) and it is majority T4.  I wouldn’t say it’s a glass hammer, but it definitely can hit better than it can take a hit.  This deathstar has not seen an appearance in our local group.

Now looking back on the tau, I can say they are definitely a top tier army.  Which to some people is a great thing.  For me though, I found they weren’t that fun to play.  It was a very simple process for me.  Setup a fire base, shot everything that came within 30 inches of it.  Have some mobile elements and longer ranged elements to root out any enemy forces that were hiding.  Ultimately the only mission I consistently struggled on was the relic, as tau are not a very mobile force when it comes to their troops.  So, I put them aside.  Our lord primarch made several comments to me that he observed I had more fun playing orks than tau.  In the end, that army comes out when I want to win.  Otherwise it sits in its foam.

eldar codexThe next codex to drop was the eldar.  Arguably a stronger codex than tau.  Battlefocus and bladestorm completely re-invented this army.  Everything is so fast in this army and such a huge threat.  They are still a heavy psychic army, and with random powers, maybe a little less reliable in that department.  But there primaris powers are great and can still take divination, so not a big hit.  The wraithknight is amazing and incredibly tough.  Our chief librarian plays eldar, and quickly began to show us just how strong this army could be.

The release of the eldar opened up to big issues in the land of 40000, taudar and the seercouncil deathstar.  Taudar is an alliance between tau and eldar, tau being the primary.  The eldar brought in very fast scoring units in the form of jetbikes and the psychic buffs to hand out re-roll to hit to several tau units.  Combo that with the already strong tau shooting and now you have an army that can shoot you off anything and on turn 5 can jump on several objectives either scoring them or denying them from you.   I have seen this dreaded alliance only once, in a local tournament.  Despite the fact that both myself and the chief librarian have tau and eldar armies, these too failed to make a significant appearance in our local group.

The seerstar is comprised of 1-2 farseers on bikes, 1-8 warlocks on bikes, and +/- a dark eldar baron on a sky board.  Through a combination of psychic powers (which you have to roll for) this unit can have a 2+ cover save, 2+ armor save, and a 4+ invuln (2+ on the baron) all of which can be rerolled.  The unit is not very strong at shooting, but can throw around some serious buffs or de-buffs.  It is incredibly fast since they are eldar jetbikes.  And once again, they are not slouches in combat.  One big issue with this army is there are no models out for farseer on bike or warlocks on bikes, so you will have to convert them.  And all there powers are random, so there is the chance of key powers not being rolled or failed to cast.  Once again, this deathstar has not seen play in our local group.

And with those two big entries to 6th edition, we wrap up part 3.  Up next, codex supplements, apocalypse and SPACE MARINES!!!

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