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Knights Codex

Greeting readers!  Ralshenik taking a break from my series on Chaos Space Marines to give you a quick review of the Imperial Knights codex.  Yesterday was a tough one for my wallet as I had missed the past few 40k books that were released after the Tyranid codex.  I ended up finally wandering into my FLGS and grabbing all the stuff I had missed.   One of those books of course was the Imperial Knights codex released only a few weeks ago.

For those of you who don’t know, Imperial Knights are smaller scale titans that fight as part of the Adeptus Mechanicus’s Titan Legions.   The codex is a compilation of the rules for the titans (originally found in the White Dwarf Weekly), background information on the titans, and information on starting your very own Imperial Knight army.

For starters, the Knight models themselves look awesome……


Pretty sweet huh?  Scale wise they stand about as tall as that god awful Lord of Skulls model.  The kit contains everything you need to build either a Knight Paladin or a Knight Errant, and based off what I saw in the book, offers a pretty wide variety of bits for a chance to customize the big guy.

The background section is neat; explaining the history of the Knights, different Knight worlds, what wars and battles they have been a part of, and examples of what the different knight houses color schemes/symbols are.   My personal favorite of this section is where they go over the famous Freeblades (lone knights whose allegiances where not tied to the Imperium), if I ever grab up one for my model collection i’m painting it like the Obsidian Knight (now THATS a Lord of Skulls).

There’s a section on Super Heavies, Stomps, and a Destroyer Weapons table for those who don’t have the Apocalypse or Escalation books.  After which they have a section to explain how Knight detachments work; basically they function as an entirely different detachment altogether.  Independent from allies, Lords of War, Formations, all of it.  The cherry on top of all this of course being the ability to field an army made up ENTIRELY of Imperial Knights.  No that was not a typo, you can seriously field an army made up of 3-6 of these bad boys plus a required Knight Warlord.  If you’re not worried about fielding an entire army they are available as battle brothers for any imperium army (allies of convenience for Grey Knights) and either desperate allies or allies of convenience for every other army except ‘Crons, Orks, Tyranids, and Chaos Marines/Daemons.

If the thought of facing 7 of these at once terrifies you fear not!  For one their point costs are pretty high, so in most standard games I could see people fitting 4-5 at the most. There is actually a chance when you field that many you end up with a couple knights in training, causing them to lose a point of Ballistic Skill and reduces the effectiveness of their Ion Shields.  Flip side of this of course, there’s the same odds they turn out to be the Lancelot of knights and gains a Ballistic Skill bonus with a better Ion Shield! Anywho no use in foreplay anymore, we know why you’re here!  RULES!!!  The two different knight variants are as follows….

  • Knight Paladin
  • Knight Errant

Both units are Super Heavy Walkers with Armour Values of 13/12/12 and 6 hull points. Each has the Fear, Hammer of Wrath, Invincible Behemoth, Move Through Cover, Relentless, Smash, and Strikedown special rules.  Both models also come stock with a Reaper Chainsword (str D close combat weapon) and an Ion Shield (a 4+ invulnerable save that can only cover one facing on the vehicle).   Oh, and a Heavy Stubber……can’t forget the Heavy Stubber!

The differences come in their main shooting weapon with the Paladin carrying the Rapid Fire Battle Cannon, while the Errant wields the Thermal Cannon.  A Rapid Fire Battle Cannon (we’ll go with RFBC to save some breath) is EXACTLY what it sounds like.  A two shot battle cannon, which is to say a 72″ range Str 8 Ap 3 hurt.

The Thermal Cannon being a bit more complex is basically a giant Multi Melta, 36″ range Str 9 Ap 1 Large Blast with the Melta Rule.  Anything tank or terminator will disintegrate as soon as the Errant looks at them.

My personal favorite is the Paladin as I feel he is good enough at killing vehicles with 2 Str 8 Ordnance shots that it just doesn’t make sense to take the lesser range and less shots the Thermal Cannon posses.  If you run into AV 14 or TEQ just charge those mofo’s and slap them silly with your Chainsword of death.

Overall, Codex: Imperial Knights is a cool little book that wraps up the history and rules of the Knights very nicely while offering a lot of fun, new option for your games of 40k.

Fun Factor: A (I love the models and the rules, the fact you can create an army of just them is nerdgasmic)

Competitiveness: B (They’re Super Heavies with Str D weapons, good armor, solid shooting attacks, and an invulnerable save……they’ll be able to take care of themselves.  How they will fare against the top tier armies remains to be seen)   

Well that’s all for today friends, i’ll be back in a few days to continue our swim through the CSM codex.  Until then folks, Ralshenik out!

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  1. Imperial Knights, yet another expensive investment. As we’re Flyers I’m really digging the new 40k battlefield though. I want to face an Imperial Knight!
    Can’t wait for Naval Units next lol.
    I’m loving this blog! It’s short sweet and Chuck full of solid information thank you.

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