My Golden Rule of 40,000

I want to take a moment to discuss what I believe is the fundamental rule of 40,000.  With some many rule supplements, experimental units, digital releases, data slates, super heavies, and crazy combos floating about, it really easy to get caught up in all the drama.  Myself included.  The lord primarch and I had an experience with this and it made me remember this.  The golden rule: it’s a game you play to have fun.

Seems simple, but it is very frequently forgotten.  The point of that rule is to keep you focused on what is fun for you.  If you like the new escalation or knight titan rules and it’s fun to you; great, use those rules and have fun.  Just remember that what is fun for you may not be fun for everyone else.

I have heard a lot of people say that you really need to sit down with your opponent and discuss what kind of game you want before you actually start pulling out models and lists.  This rings true with me.  I usually have multiple lists prepared before I go out for a day of gaming.  That way if someone wants a competitive game, I have a list for that, or a fluffy game, I also have a list for that.

Now, let’s look at this from another angle.  Say your opponent wants to use a rule set, supplement, unit combo, whatever, that you don’t want to play against.  Just tell them that politely.  If you don’t want to play against a seerstar list or a super heavy or a tau gun line, then politely say that you would not like to play against that list.

If both opponents are observing the golden rule, a solution should be reachable.  Lists can be changed, scenarios can be changed.  Rule interpretations can be agreed upon in advance.  Part of that solution maybe that you don’t play that opponent.  There is nothing wrong with that.

If I really want to play my orks, a low tier codex, and my opponent really wants to test out his tournament list of taudar, we could easily end up in this position.  If we can’t agree on a different game to play (either myself pulling out a harder list, or my opponent changing his to a softer one), then the best thing to do is not play that game.  There is no point in either you or your opponent being forced to play a game they don’t enjoy.

This all seems really simple in practice, but I don’t see it being applied nearly as often as it should in actual games.  Give it a try.  Decided what you think is fun.  Don’t worry about what other people will think.  Talk to your opponent before a game about anything within each others lists that may raise some concerns.  Just remember, it’s a game we play to have fun.

4 thoughts on “My Golden Rule of 40,000

  1. Agreed. I actually look for more fun games rather than highly competitive games. Like the slaughter against you. I dropped my flying creatures since you fielded no flyers. The game was more fun. And, as you said, thats the point. If you are not having fun, why are you even playing.

  2. Well said and eloquently spelled out this is a Hobby and a pass time. No one should be bullied into a game or scenario they don’t understand or feel out gunned. This hobby has always been friendly, highly civilized and socially accepting. Compared with the physical jock games.
    Nerds Rule

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