Review of 6th Edition…So Far: Part 2

Now we start into part 2 of my review of 6th ed.  You can go back and read the first part here.

3D-Chaos-Codex15            Chaos was the first new codex of 6th edition, and it dropped around Christmas as I remember.  I haven’t played chaos since their 3rd edition book, and yeah, there were a lot of changes.  Helldrakes immediately were recognized for the fire breathing horrors they were.  They only got worse when GW FAQed that the flamer had a 360 degree fire arc.  Cultists were the new hotness, super cheap troops that you could min max with to your hearts content.  Don’t forget about the flying daemon prince with his black mace.  He is still a jerk, but as a friend and I learned in a tournament, not invincible.  People experimented with cult troops, but ultimately nurgle appeared to be the best.  At the time, there was no great moaning about the overall strength of the codex.

Dark-Angels-Codex             Dark Angels were the follow up in January/February (I could look it up, but that really isn’t relevant).  Deathwing was popular.  Especially those deathwing knights and there giant beat sticks.  For a time, the deathwing knights were a scary unit to see on the table, with the ability to crush just about anything in close combat and the increased toughness.  The flyers looked cool, but I only every saw one person playing them.  I can remember everyone talking about a ravenwing army being strong, but never saw one fielded.

m3061229a_60030115003_DaemonsCodexENG02_873x627              There was some fantasy nonsense next I think, then the drop of Daemons.  I specifically remember the very comical lamentation of one particular gamer’s love-hate relationship with the random tables, (our own Ralshenik Genial, Tender of the Sacred Gardens).  This army saw a huge change.  No longer forced to deploy the entire army in two waves via deepstrike really opened up how you could play this force.  The warp storm table threw in some great random shenanigans.  Taking four heralds in a single HQ slot was new, allowed you to throw around some really great buffs to your units and allowed for tons of physic potential (which we will soon learn sucks).  Shortly after the release I remember the rise of the flying daemon lists (aka flying circus).  I took the list on with my orks, killed all the flying monstrous creatures, but couldn’t reach the plague bearers on the backfield objectives.

This is about the time our first true deathstar makes its appearance.  The screamerstar.  Based around a unit of screamers and 3-4 heralds of tzeentch.  Through the cleaver application of a psychic power raising there invuln to 4+, then the grimoire raising it to a 2+, and tzeentch’s ability to re-roll saving throws of a 1 we now had a nearly invincible unit.  The unit is no slouch in close combat and is jetbikes, so can move incredibly fast.  The heralds provide the option to shoot with some psychic powers and prevent you from taking out the guy holding the grimoire.  The fact that you need to deal 36 wounds just to get one through is insane.  I faced this unit once, and it was no joke.  Tore apart my orks and took down my allies’ chaos without much hassle.

And thus brings us to the conclusion of part 2.  Up next Tau and Eldar.  Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Review of 6th Edition…So Far: Part 2

  1. Love hate indeed! It was a HUGE adjustment for us Daemon players, in due time I learned to appreciate the gifts the codex bestowed upon me. Something I will be talking about on here at a later date!

  2. How about putting up a Demon list and a benchmark Chaos list for a beginner with a nice balance of what was discussed in part 1 and 2 of the Review. like say 1000 points to give them an idea as to what to buy first and not such right out the box.
    Thanks for the informative review I have learned more about my enemy lol.

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