Review of 6th Edition…So Far: Part 1

I wanted to talk today about the current state of 6th edition and where it taken us so far.  It is about a year and a half old now and has been filled with constant change as codex’s have been coming out rapid fire since its release. And if you believe the rumor mill, a new edition is due out soon, so this all could be changed yet again.

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6th edition dropped in early June of 2012.  Now, as previously stated, I had never played 5th edition, but I do remember the moaning of some people.  The big ones were random charge distance, challenges, wound allocation being streamlined (no more wound shenanigans), flyers, psychic powers from the main rule book, snap shots, and the dreaded overwatch.

Coming from 4th edition, these changes were pretty big for me, but I embraced them.  I personally liked the random charge distance and overwatch, it made close combat a big risk with a possible big reward.  Wound allocation made sense to me, as in the closest guy gets killed first.  In hindsight, that change did seem to hurt assault a little more than I think was originally intended.  Challenges were fun and cinematic, and looking back I can’t honestly see why they weren’t always an option.  Snap shots were great, I always hated when a unit had no chance of shooting, so to see them have at least some chance was great (stupid missile launcher that never could shoot now at least has a chance).  In terms of the new physic powers, everyone pretty much said that divination was awesome and the rest were crap.  I experimented with pyromancy to little effect.

Finally, flyers.  At the time I had no armies with a flyer, until I acquired my orks.  I like the challenge of them.  When writing a list now, it has to be something you consider fighting against.  Yes, that may mean you have to start fielding a unit you never used or even buy a new unit to fill that role.  Ultimately though it forced us as players to change how we play.  At the end of the day, that is what I think was important, who wants to play the same army the same way for years?  Things have to evolve to stay fun and challenging.

I can remember the rise of the necron air force lists.  Since they can take a flyer as a dedicated transport, they could in theory have 9 in a single army.  And the fear began.  No one wanted to see that army across from them.  But we never saw that army materialize in our gaming group.  A few guys talked about taking them, but the most I saw was 4-5 on a table.  Granted, that still is a lot to deal with, but not the dreaded 9.

That’s it for today; I am breaking this article up into a few parts.  Next time we will dive into chaos, dark angels, and daemons.

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