Ultramarines: Arrival

Ultramarine Icon

The silence was pleasing. Captain Titus gazed through his view port as he recited the hymn of Command. Behind the reinforced glass and beyond the safety of the Gellar Field, the full horrors of the warp unfolded. Impossible shapes and colors screamed past, as Battle Barge Andronicus tore its righteous path through the Immaterium.

Any man would have recoiled in fear at the sight, his courage spent and mind rent asunder. But Captain Titus was no man. He was a Space Marine. A warrior of the Adeptus Astrates and scion of the Ultramarines, first amongst the Chapters in service to the Emperor of Mankind, may his light never fade. Titus stared into the abyss and the abyss averted its gaze, for in his eyes burned the undying power of the Golden Throne. The Captain’s words reverberated within the hallowed halls like a silent thunder:

From his light, darkness withers
I am his beacon
His are the armies of the faithful
I am his beacon
Faith is their weapon
I am his beacon
Contempt is their armor
I am his beacon
The unworthy will fall before them
I am his beacon
And they shall know no fear!

The hymn ended and the Battle Barge burst into real-space, the madness of the warp replaced by an endless sea of darkness. Captain Titus turned and made to exit his chapel. As he did so the vox blared into life, “Warp Jump Completed, Glory to the Emperor!” With surety of purpose, Titus made his way to the bridge. As he traversed the labyrinthine expanse of the battle barge, Captain Titus thought of the missive he had received from Chapter Master Marneus Augustus Calgar.

It spoke of an ancient battle fought by the Legion of old. Far did the sons of Ultramar, led by Roboute Guilliman, wisest amongst Primarchs, travel in pursuit of the traitor legions. Relentless in their fury, the Ultramarines brought ruin to the followers of Chaos upon many worlds. One such battle was fought within this very system. No more is known, for none now live that remember. By chance, fragmented records were pieced together and coordinates found.

No holy reclamation mission had ever been sent to this region. Titus’ was the task to learn of the fate of his long fallen brethren. If any precious gene-seed yet survived, the Captain was to retrieve it. With a hiss of hydraulics, the doorway to the bridge clanked open. Titus strode through the opening and made his way to the command podium. A baritone chorus greeted the Captain as he entered. “Praise the Emperor!”

Captain Titus stepped onto the podium and the display panel flickered into life. He scrutinized the star chart before him and decided where his search would begin.

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