Baneblade Escort Scenario

Yesterday I got the chance top play a scenario I wanted to try. The rules were as follows:

2000 points each side. Aggressor (Carcharodons/Imperials) must have 2 Baneblades in the list. Other than that they must fulfill standard FOC chart (2 troop units and 1 HQ unit).

The 2 Baneblades were 4-point objectives
Secondary Objectives – Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Line Breaker
Dawn of War Deployment
Aggressor Deploys first.
Unless aggressor steals initiative, Opponent goes first.

Goal of aggressor is to get the baneblades to the other side of the board (and preferably off the board. However, if the baneblade was still alive and on the board at the end of the game, they would count as victory points for the aggressor.

My list consisted of the 2 Baneblades, 1 Captain on a bike, 2 Six-man bike units (troops), 2 five-man tactical squads in Rhinos.

Opponent was Augustus the Arcane and his filthy xenos (Eldar)

Now, I did give him advanced warning about what he was going to be facing, and the point of the mission. But I never expected it to go as bad as it did.

Of course I thought that the game would be seriously lopsided. And it was, just not against the Eldar. By the end of his turn 5, I was tabled. The final score was 11 – 0, He got First blood, Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker, and both Baneblades. The Baneblades, while making most of the kills for me, did not make up their points. However, other than the baneblades, only one bike unit really made any other kills for my side. I wrecked one of hits transports, one bike squad, and one walker in a unit of three. I also did kill a few of his troops, but overall, the game was an epic failure for the imperials. He didn’t even need to field the Wraithknight (so I guess it could have gone even worse).

That being said, it was a fun first test of the scenario. And I cannot call it a complete failure; it may be that the scenario does not work well against Eldar. I’d like to get a few more games in before I start tweaking it.

I did build my list with some fluff. I tried to think what I would take when given an escort mission. I thought the small man tactical squads and bike units fit the bill. I would want bikes scouting ahead with the Rhinos staying closer to the baneblades made sense in a fluffy way. Drop pods would have made no sense at all. However, if I were to play this game again, I think I would drop the assault bikes.

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  1. This is the 2000 point list that I used:

    Eldrad Ulthran in a unit of three Engines of Vaul armed with Vibro-cannons, with a warlock (Conceal). I also had another Farseer with the shard of Anaris leading a full squad of Storm Guardians (2 fusion guns and 2 power weapons), accompanied by a warlock (Empower), embarked in a wave serpent armed with a bright lance.

    Two squads of 10 guardians in wave serpents, both armed with shuriken cannons and scatter lasers. Each squad was led by a warlock (Conceal). One had a bright lance, whilst the other a scatter laser weapon platform. Two squads of three Guardian jet bikes with a shuriken cannon each. A Nightwing Interceptor, Fire prism and a three war walker squad.

    I was lucky to start the game and have it be night fight. I was able to remove 4 hull points from a Baneblade and get first blood by destroying a Rhino on turn one. It took two more turns to destroy the Baneblade, but the second fell in two turns, because, by that time, it was essentially the only thing left. In the end I lost a wave serpent, a squad of guardian jet bikes, a war walker and about 8-9 guardians.

    The Baneblades were a lot easier to destroy than I had anticipated. I took an ordinary list (I.e. I did not make any changes for this mission). Obviously it turns out that it has very strong anti-tank. 4 bright lances (two of which were on the Nightwing that did not show up until turn four), a fire prism and 3 Vibro cannons did not really sound like a lot. The fusion guns never shot at a Baneblade and I never assaulted them, so those 8 guns did all the damage (plus some very lucky shots from the Nightwing’s shuriken cannons on a Baneblade’s rear). Also, I think the Vibro cannons caused 3-4 hull points the entire game.

    I think the main reason for the imbalance was the severe lack of anti-tank on the Imperial side. Baneblades are great against infantry, but still only have a limited number of shots against vehicles. On top of that, my vehicles had a 2+ save turn one (night fight), 3+ turn two (warlord trait) and 4+ afterwards. Admittedly, Brian did waste a lot of Lascannon shots on my Artiliery instead of vehicles, but it would have been tough even so. Drop pods would have made a huge difference. Yes the marines would have died eventually, but they probably would have taken down both the serpent with a bright lance and the second bright lance in the squishy guardian squad. Meanwhile, a Stormtalon could have taken out the Nightwing, or forced it to jinx. That would have left me with only the Vibro-cannons (which could have been tied up in combat) and the fire prism (that could be focused down by Baneblade fire).

    The storm guardians would probably have taken out the nearest Baneblade, but would never have made it to the second. Beside the lack of anti-tank, not capitalizing on the fact that I only had a handful of units that could actually harm the Baneblades, was a huge factor leading to the ultimate outcome. It could definitely be a fun mission with a few changes to the escort army.

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