Chaos Space Marines: The Putrid Road

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In the Eye of Terror, worlds that were once the crowning jewels of the Eldar Empire are now contorted wastelands, warped by the ruinous powers and overrun by their minions. In the depths of one such world, strode Aeger Sempiterna, Chaos Lord and Captain of the Death Guard 7th company. The damp caverns that Aeger ventured through were infested with flies and rot-worms. The floor was so covered in ichor and vile fluids, that one could not even see the rock beneath. Even the air that the Lord breathed was a noxious gas that only one conditioned to the gifts of Grandfather Nurgle could survive.

The Chaos lord drew closer to the shrine where he would meet Sorcerer Detritus. Already he could hear the frenzied chanting of the acolytes, and the agonizing screams of those blessed by Nurgle’s gifts. Most succumbed, to become plague zombies. But some survived and evolved into a greater, purified form of life, worthy to serve the Grandfather. The shrine was small and secluded, with only an effigy of the great god Nurgle at its center. Detritus stood in silent contemplation, offering thanks to his patron for the gifts of decay bestowed upon him.

When Aeger entered, the Sorcerer turned to greet him. Welcome, my lord, praise be to our Grandfather he said. “Indeed” replied Aeger, “I have come seeking knowledge on how best to serve Him, to walk the path of ascension.” Detritus nodded. Their exchange was a formality, a ritual undergone thousands of times over the millennia, as each would be Daemon Prince took his first steps towards total damnation. “The path is treacherous. The unworthy shall be cast down and become the lowliest of creatures. The faithful servants of Chaos shall rise, and take on the true mantle of the gods. Have you the will to go forth?” The Sorcerer asked. “I do” replied Lord Sempiterna and thus was the bargain struck.

“All of the gods shall be watching,” warned the Sorcerer. “You may remain true to our lord Nurgle, or court favor from the other dark deities of the pantheon. In the end, only the highest regard from one or more of the true gods will allow ascension.” Aeger inclined his head to show understanding, then asked “where does my path begin?” “In the Sorathian system. A distant echo of the war for liberation from the corpse-Emperor’s tyranny. There you will find a Maiden world of the Eldar. Our Grandfather wishes to bestow upon his beloved a gift, and will reward greatly any who purify its world spirit with his blessings.”

“Then I shall go to this place at once” declared Aeger. “Patience,” cautioned Detritus, “the way of Nurgle is neither rash nor hurried. With measured steps must the warp be prepared for your ascension. Like a well-tended garden, the seeds must be sown at the proper time and the fruits harvested only when ripe. There are many worlds in this system and all of them in need of Grandfather Nurgle’s blessings. More I cannot say, for only these words has our lord revealed to me. I will accompany you, and aid you in your quest” the Sorcerer explained. “Very well, let us go and do our lord’s bidding” said Aeger. The Chaos Lord turned and left the way he came, this time followed by Sorcerer Detritus. Along the way, Aeger Sempiterna pondered on the question of which Sorathian world was more deserving of Nurgle’s gifts.

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