Early Thoughts on Imperial Knights

So, Imperial Knights, the new hotness.  The model and rules made an appearance in the last white dwarf.  There were leaks on the various rumor blogs out there prior to the white dwarf.  I got a copy of the weekly so I could have a better look at things.

Overall, the models look great in pictures.  As many before me have said, they look very close to the epic versions, which to me is a good thing.  I like all the trim and little “flare” bits on them.  The battle cannon arm looks a little awkward to me, I am not sure why.  I really like the inferno cannon arm.  Honestly, if I get one I will put the inferno cannon arm on just from the aesthetics alone.  If I could magnetize the arms, I would.  I will be interested to see one in person.  Some GW models have a habit of looking better or worse depending on the picture.  I am interested to see how it scales up to everything.

In terms of in game rules and stat lines, they look like super heavies meant to fight non super heavies.  Yes they can take down a super heavy in close combat with their giant chainsword.  But there ranged weapons won’t do much to an opposing super heavy.  Now infantry and regular vehicles on the other hand, watch out.

I really, really, really want to see these models make an appearance in our local group.  One, I want to see how tough they really are.  We can sit here and theory hammer all day long, but until models hit the table it is just theory.  I suspect they will be a little more fragile than most people will initially suspect.  The D weapon close combat attacks are not that scary on paper.  The guns look balanced.

We will just have to wait and see.  Hindsight is always 20/20.  More to follow.

4 thoughts on “Early Thoughts on Imperial Knights

  1. I think they could be a welcome boost to armies that struggle against high toughness MCs and have weak long range anti-tank; such as IG, orks and SMs.

    On the other hand, they would be very challenging to deal with for these armies! Tau may have a hard time as well. Eldar will definitely not, though engaging these in CC would be a last resort type deal.

    I won’t be getting one personally I don’t think. The aesthetic is very bulky and imperial-gothic. Not very in line with the Eldar scheme.

  2. I don’t think tau or IG would have trouble. The armor is only 13, 12, 12 with 6 hull points. The ion shield can only protect one facing. Glancing it out won’t be hard for them, and a luck pen explosion can take out up to 4 hull points in a shot. I think there will have to be some cleaver play with this unit, it can’t just run straight at some armies.

    • Yeah, but unless IG bring a lot of las cannons, they don’t really have any long range anti-tank. Plenty of sacrificial vet squads with meltas, but by then the Knights may be too close for comfort.

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